New Age

Cape Town Mystic has a Large Following

The practising of Eastern mysticism through transcendental meditation is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. In Monkey Valley, Noordhoek, Cape Town, lives an Arab mystic who enjoys a large following in many parts of the world. His name is PK Mohan (alias Mohanji) who comes from Muscat in Oman. On his website ( he explains the Eastern roots of a mystical self-discovery, as well as meditation for the unlocking of higher levels of consciousness to promote inner peace, healing, the elimination of stress, good human relations, and world peace. His objective is that his followers should improve the quality of their lives and become the masters of their own destiny.

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Rise of the Scientific Worldview

This article explores the major reasons for shallow theological thinking in the modern world. A falling away from the spiritual truths of the Bible is promoted by the strong influence of a scientific worldview which denies the supernatural sphere simply because it falls outside the scope of scientific inquiry which is based upon the collection of observable data. Spiritual impoverishment is inevitable among people who yield to a man-made theory aimed at explaining away the living God and His Son, who is not only the Creator but also the Saviour of the world.

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African Drumming Becomes a World-wide Phenomenon

In many Western societies, institutions are adopted from pagan cultures by isolating them from their original cultural context and practising them as social amusement or even to promote a mystical experience. The recipient community regards such institutions, e.g. African drumming, as a form of cultural enrichment without considering the religious compromise that is inevitably involved in the process.

It is important to grasp the principle that in pagan religions, such as the African religions, cultural dances, music, the ritual beating of drums and the use of masks to identify with mystical persons, spirits or gods, all form part of their religion. Even the narration of stories often dwells upon religious themes such as myths of origin and the animistic belief that material objects are infested with spirits or supernatural powers that can positively or negatively influence people’s lives.

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Eastern Meditation Sneaks into the Church

There is a widespread resurgence of Eastern meditation among nominal Christians in the West. In many churches and other Christian circles, prayer is increasingly replaced by meditation, which is also described as contemplation, centring prayers, or quiet prayers. Meditation is often accompanied by Yoga relaxation exercises and relaxed breathing in order to promote a mental shift from the rational left brain to the intuitive right brain.

The basic objective with meditation – whether it be Hindu-based Transcendental Meditation (TM), Buddhist, Islamic or ‘Christian’ meditation – is to acquire a situation of complete rest in your body, soul and spirit, thereby eliminating stress and facilitating contact with deeper, more creative levels of your consciousness. Rational thinking is intentionally suppressed and switched off while you transcend to mystical spheres to make contact with your deeper self. According to Naomi Humphrey (Meditation – the inner way) meditation helps to deliver you from spiritual and mental bondage, and also from fear, by enabling you to transcend to a new perception of reality. The result is a holistic way of life in which spirit and matter become integrated.

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Historicism and Postmodernism

Abstract: The abandoning of all traditions and ideologies in the current, postmodern reform process explains the emerging chaos in human societies.

The radical postmodern transformation of human societies all over the world is ideologically accounted for by the new emphasis on historicism. The concurrent rejection of proven biblical values has set people free to plan and order their lives according to their own liking. This is a recipe for disaster.

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Humanistic Reforms in Government and Society

Abstract: Christian constitutions were globally replaced by humanistic constitutions, also in South Africa. This phenomenon represents a deliberate act of rebellion against God.

Policies and constitutions of the nations are characterised by godless, humanistic reforms in which man, the state, and man-made religions are exalted rather than God. These policies invariably paved the way towards corruption and moral decadence. The new South Africa also follows suit.

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New Age Healing Rooted in the Occult

Medicine and the way people treat disease and illness are changing. Alternative medicine is gaining in popularity while, in some cases, science and mystical spirituality are joining hands to form a new frontier for the advancement of healthcare. “New Age medicine” involves the application of generally Eastern/occult methods of healing while stressing treatment of the whole person – body, mind and spirit. The term is frequently used interchangeably with “holistic medicine” and “alternative medicine.” Occult and metaphysical terminology is removed from New Age medicine and healing techniques to make them more acceptable to the wider public. The result is that many people are using these practices and remedies without knowing what they are participating in.

Alternative therapies are offered to people to replace drugs and eliminate their many side effects. In stead of taking pain-killers patients are recommended to undergo acupuncture, while the need to balance energies is advanced as an alternative to operations and the taking of conventional biomedicine.

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The New Age Movement

Abstract: The New Age Movement strives to promote a mystical brotherhood among all people, thereby preparing the way for social, political and economic unity on earth.

Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible except where otherwise indicated. Only very archaic terms have been substituted, between brackets, with correlating terms from the New King James Version (NKJV). All pronouns referring to the Godhead are capitalised. Edited by Bernard and Kathleen Reeves of London.

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Consequences of Rick Warren’s Reform Program

Rick Warren’s ideological approach and religious dogma have the potential of causing substantial political, economic and religious turmoil in countries where his proposed reforms are instituted. He advances a religiously-based social order (or new world order, in a wider context) which is aimed at the establishment of unitary structures with the vision, capacity and means to drive reforms toward greater unity, prosperity, and harmony in society.

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