Further Transformations Deception

Abstract: The Transformations doctrine is further promoted in South Africa and raises false hopes of revival based on ecumenical demonstrations of unity. A true revival cannot be achieved in this way.

In the light of the tremendous spiritual and moral decline of our time it is imperative that true Christians should be involved in an opposite process of increased holiness and dedication to the Lord. The result of this move will be greater spiritual polarization in society since there is also a rising tide of sin and iniquity in the end-time:

"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold, I come quickly; en my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be" (Rev. 22:11-12).

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George Otis and his Fallacious Teachings

Abstract: An exposition of the theology underlying the Transformations Movement.

Confronted with increased opposition, the producer of the two Transformations videos tries to conceal his grave theological errors but does not abandon them. In association with people like Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Ted Haggard and Cindy Jacobs, George Otis of the Sentinel Group relentlessly pursues the grand cause of the post-denominational, Apostolic Reformation aimed at unifying and controlling the entire Christian Church. This is a misapprehended method to defeat Satan, promote revival, establish the kingdom of God and transform societies everywhere.

The theology of Otis is expounded in various books, articles, lectures and public statements by him during the past 24 years. The following are the salient features of his fallacious teaching:

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Otis, Wagner and the Transformations Revival

Summary: The “Transformations Revival” as championed by George Otis and Peter Wagner is a dispensationally ill-conceived attempt to uproot the kingdom of darkness and visibly establish the kingdom of God on earth.

A false revival based on Peter Wagner and George Otis’ concepts of spiritual mapping and spiritual warfare also practiced in mass rallies on stadiums, has already been established in South Africa. The video, Transformations, by George Otis, has been widely distributed, recommended and showed throughout South Africa to introduce people to this strange kind of spiritual warfare techniques used by ecumenists and reconstructionists.

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Prayer in Strategic Spiritual Warfare

Abstract: Prayer for governments, communities and families.

The following question was asked by a reader of this website:

“I found your site through a cross-reference on the Transformations video, which I watched and thought was great until I found Ruth Ruibal’s site and read about her continuing problems in Cali. I have since read several other pages. There is one thing I am still not certain of: Where does praying for nations, or cities, become unscriptural? I mean, where does spiritual warfare for nations move from what we should do (pray for one another) to what you clearly believe is something unscriptural? When I pray for the families in my suburb, or city, surely that is OK?”

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Transformation Africa 2007: The Deception Continues

A South African prayer ministry, Jericho Walls, organised an African Prayer Summit near Pretoria from 19 to 23 February 2007. The main speakers on this event were George Otis of the Sentinel Group in the USA and Graham Power, director of Transformation Africa in Cape Town. The event was staged as preparation for the Global Day of Prayer on Pentecost Sunday, 27th May 2007.

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The False Theory of Generation Curses

Dr. Opal Reddin, Central Bible College, Springfield, Missouri

Abstract: The modern fad of generation curses as an excuse for sin is a major cause of many people’s deception.

An earnest young lady approached her pastor prior to the Sunday morning worship service: “Pastor, would you pray for me?” He said he would and asked if there was something of particular concern.

“Yes,” she replied, “I need deliverance from an ancestral curse.” “No,” the pastor assured her, “you do not have an ancestral curse.” “But, pastor, you don’t understand,” she continued, “my dad had a violent temper, and now I am also bothered by a bad temper.”

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Rejecting the Transformations Teaching

Abstract: Firsthand experience leads to the complete rejection of the Transformations “revival” of Wagner, Pierce and their followers.

I have openly stood in opposition to the false teachings of the transformation revivalists in the past and am not ashamed to have my name attached to that position now. In fact, I have felt increasingly frustrated at not being able to publicly expose this false theology to prevent more people from being led astray by deceptive and charismatic personalities from the true doctrine of Jesus Christ. I don't really know where to begin in discussing the evolution of the C. Peter Wagner transformation revival theology as I have observed it, so if there are particular areas or questions that you would like me to address, just e-mail them to be and I will respond with what I know. I can tell you by experience, they hide behind "being slain in the spirit" or how voodoo and witchcraft were incorporated into church services.

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Territorial Spirits

Abstract: A key concept in the Transformations Movement is the identification and binding of territorial spirits. This practice fails thorough biblical scrutiny.

In this article we shall looking at the modern teaching concerning what is called “territorial spirits”.

According to this teaching there are  specific, evil spirits that rule over a community, village, town, city or country; that is, they rule over a geographical area, and so are called “territorial spirits”. It is further taught that these territorial spirits have power and authority to keep the people in their geographical area in darkness, bondage and sin. Even more significantly than this, the promoters of this teaching tell us that these territorial spirits have such a hold on the local community or city, that the Gospel itself cannot be effective, gain entrance or spread in this area until these territorial spirits are first identified and then bound, overcome and rebuked in prayer. They teach that people will not turn to the Lord, be converted and delivered from sin, darkness and bondage in any significant numbers unless we first identify and then bind and rebuke the power of these territorial spirits. This is what they say and teach.

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Repenting for the Sins of the Nation

Abstract: The Transformations movement aims at promoting repentance for national sins to cleanse entire countries. This teaching is tested in the Bible.

When Paul and Silas came to Berea in Acts17:10  we are told that the Berean Jews were more noble than the Jews of Thessalonica because they received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily whether those things were so. This is obviously a practice that the scripture commends, namely, that we should first find in the scriptures any new teaching before we believe it and receive it into our hearts. This is not unbelief but shows that we are only interested in such things as God himself has revealed through His word. We are to honour and love God by following those things which He has plainly shown us. This is also our safeguard – we shall be kept from harm and deception by humbly keeping His word.

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